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About SatisWise Life Counseling

Elliott Yancey is a Think LifeChange Certified Biblical Counselor. He has been serving in full-time Christian ministry for many years. As a chaplain in NASCAR from 2011 to 2017, he has counseled people from all walks of life and helped them navigate life’s challenges. He is now employed as a full-time chaplain with Corporate Chaplains of America meeting employee needs at 5 major companies in the Atlanta area. Elliott and his wife, Emily, are the proud parents of two children, and they are heavily involved in their local church as well as parachurch ministries in the metro-Atlanta area. Elliott is passionate about teaching real-life, practical application of Scripture in all arenas -- from the joys of newlyweds in his Bible study to helping individuals face the immense challenges of human trafficking and exploitation.

SatisWise Life Counseling is a ministry partner of Hampton First Baptist Church.

Elliott Yancey and Family

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